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  • New volunteers in Cristuru Secuiesc

    On October 1st 9 volunteers arrived to Romania for the ESC excperience in Cristuru Secuiesc to be a volunteer in Youth Association from Transylvania. There were three flows of volunteers from 2017 and on 1. October arrived the last one. Read More
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Again, a month has passed. There are now 4 new articles on our website: A text reports about our town Cristuru Secuiesc/Székelykéresztur, the article about the Szeklerland is online as well as the report about the harvest festival.


These two months were very condensed. Full of work, encounters, emotions and new experiences. Tiring, but extremely enlightening, beautiful and unexpected : some of the things that I look for in my life. The two seasons that passed -autumn and winter- had an important impact on my senses : the colour and the smell of the falling leaves, the cold and dry wind that wakes your cheeks up. The autumn, gave us -with Aire, Julia and Csenge- the wish to build a big autumn tree with real falling leaves that children could glue on a long piece of carboard. For kindergarden's children, the shape of their hand that they can paint in brown on a piece of paper would make a nice tree's trunk. With paints on the end of one finger, they can add leaves everwhere around the "hand-trunk".


Since spring 2019 we embarked on a new adventure that hosts 24 European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers in Cristuru Secuiesc. The candidates have the choice to be active in 8 different areas: support person for entities working with disabled youth (1), for kindergartens (2), for herbalists (3), for the news portal (4) and for the host organization (5), manager of up-cycling education (6) and puppet show group (7) and as promoter of rural traditions (8).


Between 20-22 November, we, the Youth Association from Transylvania organized the first meeting of the Strategic Partnerships for School Education named EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT: Tool to Fight Social Media Dependency in Cristuru Secuiesc. The meeting hosted 17 representatives of the 9 partners, 1-1-1 secondary school, NGO and the local government from Spain, Portugal and Romania.

I have always liked to work with children. Here in Cristuru Secuiesc I have 2 kindergarten where I go to give english lessons or where I just play with children. Eventhought the children are very small their language skill is much better than mine. Even when we don't speak the same language I have discovered that the body language solves mostly the problem.


People say that time flies fastest when you are experiencing best moments of your life. I don’t know how it happened but I can’t even realise that I already spent a month here in Romania, in our lovely city called Cristuru Secueisc. It looks like I just entered through the doors of the huge yellow house which looked so unfamiliar and big for me and now I am already calling this place home.