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  • New volunteers in Cristuru Secuiesc

    On October 1st 9 volunteers arrived to Romania for the ESC excperience in Cristuru Secuiesc to be a volunteer in Youth Association from Transylvania. There were three flows of volunteers from 2017 and on 1. October arrived the last one. Read More
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On May 26-27 the coordinators of the “Eco-Facilitators for the Sustainable Future” Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership met in Slovakia, in the small village of Karva, to evaluate the 2 year long project and to finalize the final outstanding tasks needed to finish it.

The “Eco-Facilitators for the Sustainable Future” Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership which includes NGOs from Hungary, Spain, Slovakia and Romania finalized all of its 4 intellectual outputs in English.

The aim of the two year project that started in the summer of 2017 was to train as many eco-facilitators as possible, who can work ecologically and promote sustainable development, awareness in life and nature protection. In order to achieve this goal, several outputs were implemented, a training course in the form of a blended mobility was done in Biofalu, Máriahalom, Hungary for 40 facilitators, a blog was made to promote the local activities done by these now, eco-facilitators, a guidebook was made with more than 100 non formal activity methodology descriptions and an online searchable and updateable web platform was also made with these activities.

For us this was the first time working all together. At the beginning trying to organize different activities and finding an agreement between everyone was not the simplest thing – we are all hotheads in our own way.

We decided to do this activity with the aim of recycling some material and planting beans and lentils since it is spring.

This is the report about our impressions of the first activity that we made: “Mese Mühely”.

After being together for three days, we are going to list and explain here below our impressions and suggestions about the experience.