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  • Matteo Peruzzo

    Sziasztok, I’m Matteo.If someone asked me about Romania before coming here, my answer will be influenced by the conventional wisdom. After a degree and a period spent in a laboratory at my University, I wanted to change completely my routine taking a “gap period”. So, my choice was the EVS experience. When I received the opportunity for this position in Sékelykeresztúr, it was the first – of most other - surprise for me: the experience would be in Romania but the language would be Hungarian. Therefore, due to my curiosity both for the project and for the town, I joined this project and… here I am. Read More
  • Who is Alekks? What he wants here?

    Why the Hell I`m here?Hello! My names is Alekss and I come from a magical, far away land of Latvia. I`m volunteering here in Keresztur for six months. Honestly, theres not much to tell you. The most basic of reason why I chose to do voluteering work is because I can not stay at one place for too long, so I thought, if I`m moving I might aswell to do good. You know? Read More
  • Laura, one of our Angel!

    Szia! My name is Laura, and I am a 23 years old Spanish girl. I am graduated in Criminology by the University of Malaga. I am going to spend 6 months in Székelykeresztúr, in ATA association, collaborating in Providence project. This is about helping disabled people to do different activities.   Read More
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StartUp Academy project’s aim is to develop, test and implement a supporting environment for unemployed young persons with entrepreneurial ideas with special focus on those living in remote regions with limited access to education and training and resources. After a large-scale surveying, project partners planed, designed and developed a training materials so called learning modules for young adults (aged 18-35) with innovative ideas but with limited entrepreneurial skills. The learning modules have a basic (Phase 1) and an advanced (Phase 2) parts. Phase 1 – Basic part was an online training with 7 modules. During this training through 7 modules, we focused on helping young adults learn basic skills and competences in business life. 


Week in Hungary with start up courses was one of my best experience in my life .
I lear a lot of stuff about business and economical things .
I finally realize my ideas and start to prepare them for real life .
City was really good . Pretty big ,enough space for everyone but in the same time university wasn’t that far form university .
Lectures was well prepared , and for me sharing experience with people from other country’s was the best part . One think what I didn’t like was that we sissy start in the time ,just because some people didn’t come in the time. (Sandij) 

Have you ever wonder what are those bright points on the sky during the night? Are you interested in Astronomy? Do you want to observe the sky with a telescope?


The Youth Association from Transylvania is hosting 26 volunteers from Estonia, Hungary, Portugal and Slovenia for an approved project which has 3 flows for 9-8-9 volunteers coming in Each flow. The flows started on the first of September 2017, first of April 2018 and first of October 2018 and last for 6 months each.

The Youth Association from Transylvania is hosting 26 volunteers from Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain for an approved project which has 3 flows for 9-9-8 volunteers coming in each flow. The first flow started on the 1st of September 2017, the second is scheduled to start between the 1st of March and April 2018 and the third on the 1st of September 2018 and all will last for 6 months. WE ARE STILL MISSING 5 VOLUNTEERS FOR THE 2nd FLOW that starts now, between the 1st of March and April 2018


Do you work with young people in the field of informal training or in the third sector?

Would you like to learn how to use digital storytelling in an international context?

Do you want to increase your professional skills?