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Maya Helget

My name is Maya and I am 25 years old. In Germany I studied law for five years, my focus is on environmental issues and I did my first exam in June 2014. If I want to become a judge or a lawyer I still have to complete my academic training with two years of working in practice (it's kind of an internship). However, I figured out that I'd rather like to do something in a more sociocultural way so I hope to find a job in this field when I finished my EVS instead of doing this practical training. For me, it's all up to the air until now. This is one reason why I have chosen EVS: I wanted to have time to think and to grow so I will make the right decision for myself instead of jumping into something and regret it afterwards. EVS seems like the perfect opportunity since I want to reach the sociocultural direction and it is my first experience in contributing something wonderful for a community. It's a try and I am curious if the people will say in the end that they enjoyed my project. In the Association I am an Amateur Astronomy Guide. My task is to submit knowledge on a non-formal teaching base in Basic Astronomy, celestial bodies and their pecularities, atmospheric phenomena, stars and the different night skys. I will work with a telescope and organize night camps with observations and I will do workshops as well. My role here is a community role all the way - either with the other volunteers or with the local community - and I enjoy being part of this great experience.