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Anja Masleša

My name is Anja Masleša, I am 20 years old and I come from Slovenia. At home I was  studying classical  philology (Latin & Old Greek), but currently I'm a EVS volunteer in Cristuru Secuiesc. My work here is in the kindergarten, playing, teaching, enjoying the life and give the best possible love and affection to the children, since the world will need great new persons who will build the world after we are gone. My main goal is to teach them to value the Nature, respect it and work with it. World is connected and whatever happens on one side of the planet, will affect the other side as well. I want to shared this with the children and that's why I decided to come here. The other goal is to teacht hem to value art and culture, that's why I decided, that we should paint, sing, dance, create every day.