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Ilona Gyulavics

Hello everybody, my name is Ilona Gyulavics and I came from Taliándörögd, which is a small city close to the Lake Balaton.



I graduated last yearat Land Survey and Geoinformatic Engineering. After my studies I decided to apply for a short time EVS program in Transylvania. During the two month that we've spent in Tusnádfürdő together with 8 other hungarian volunteers, we cut in the organizing works of Bálvanyos Summer University and Students' Camp. Our main goal was on the one hand to promote the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities for young people; on the other hand we were responsible of building a more environmental-conscious festival with selective waste-collection.

Between 4th and 6th of August we also attended to the towndays of Székelykeresztúr.

​As I had finished my studies I felt ready to try out myself in a new area in abroad, in addition, as I already knew about opportunity that EVS means and about the destination, I decided to extend my staying in Transylvania, this time in Székelykeresztúr. ​

My main project is about herbalism, where for four month I worked together with an other hungarian volunteer, Réka Tóth. In our project we are working on to help the local herbal business by collecting and processing herbs. And also to promote the richness of the local herbal culture.