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Gülizar Sabuncu

Hi, my name is Gülizar Sabuncu. I was born on the 10th of April of 1993, in Gaziantep, Turkey. I staudied at Istanbul University.




I enjoy spending time with children. During my first and second year at university I helped a Russian family to take care of their children. My mains tasks were to teach them Turkish and help them with homework. During my EVS year I want to learn more about field work, collecting experiences from another culture and languages and I hope that I can develop new opinions and points of view becoming that makes me broaden my mind. I love the nature and I would like to focus part of my project in educating children about how to be respectful with the environment. I'm working with another volunteer, Blito from Spain, in a recycling and up-cycling program. During the workshops we will develop, I want to teach them how to create a lot of new things reusing materials.

To finish with, I look forward we will have a lot of fun and creative moments together in my EVS year in Cristuru Seciuesc.