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Pablo Pedreño

Hey fellas!

I'm Pablo Pedreño, a 24yo spanish volunteers of Development Support for Transylvania Reloaded, do you want to know a little bit more about me?




I was born in Cartagena, the southeastern corner of Spain, one of the oldest cities in that country and specially famous during the Roman Empire period (Carthago delenda est). I graduated in Sports Science, I've been working in my city and abroad, I've been engaged in volunteering at local, national and international level for 4 years by now and this is the second EVS project where I'm participanting. 

The main reason why I chose Romania to develop my project is how unknown (I had only stereotypes as references) this country was for me before my first visit during the last month of June. After almost 5 months I can firmly state that it was a right decission. 

About my project, it's 'NGO Support'; to be more specific, I'm helping the association in all kind of general tasks, I'm one of the webmasters, I'm in charge of organizing events for the community (concerts, movie nights, tandem language events...) helping at the school with English lessons, and more things that are to come. 

If you're interested in knowing more about me, my project or my country, or just want to invite me for a coffee, you will easily find me walking around the city wearing a red jacket!