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Ferenc Gáspár

I've came from Hungary, Kecskemet. I am originally from Fulopjakab, a settlement, but when I started college I moved to the city. 




I've studied mechanical engineering but I soon discovered that this is not my path. Although I have history in studying technical stuff, I've sensed that this is not for me. That's why I've started a bartending course and left my university. I've worked in a coffee shop  as a bartender. For approximately a year I've been planning to participate in an EVS but I did not have time. But when they started saying they want to sell the coffee shop I started doing some research and found this possibility. There were not even 2 weeks until my journey started and then I was here. I was lucky, everything settled and now I am here. I love Ardeal very much, I think it is a nice and "private" place.

I am in charge or organizing project but I am also in charge of editing the website and teaching German. Maybe it's my misfortune that I've studied German until now and I am in an hungarian environment, but i would like to improve my english anyway. I am very fortunate on this side because the big majority of volunteers speak English.

If my EVS will end i would like to learn Marketing - Communication and i would like to work in PR. For this I need to know the people, their necessities, it is very important to know how to organize something and I will need to have lots of ideas. I feel i can learn all this here and this will help me a lot in the future.