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I'm Marion, I have 21 years and I come from France. Since high school I knew I wanted to travel. After having obtained my baccalaureate, I learned about several possibilities, such as Erasmus, civic service or the European Solidarity Corps.

I am Tilmann from Dresden, Germany and 18 years old.


My name is Brigita and I am from Lithuania. I just finished highschool and decided that I don't want to go to university directly after it because that would be too easy.

Hello, My name is Karolin. I am 27 years old and from Estonia.


I am Aire and I am from a small country called Estonia. I am 22 years of age and have just finished my studies in event management in university.

My name is Mathilde Guillot. I am french since 21 years now. In Lyon (France), I perform on stage as a singer-songwriter and study singing and dance in a conservatoire.

The Camp was organized with the help of the organization and the local volunteer. Around 30 children participated in the camp, between 1 and 5 of July in Székelykeresztúr, involving several locations. Every day the children had to do some crafts, English lessons and sport activities.

Around 20 youngsters came in Székelykeresztúr from different part of Transylvania, and a small group from Spain, for taking part in the English Camp, organized in collaboration with Udvarhelyi Fiatal Fórum (UFF).

For us this was the first time working all together. At the beginning trying to organize different activities and finding an agreement between everyone was not the simplest thing – we are all hotheads in our own way.

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