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The EVS adventures of Hunor in Dudley!

About myself!   

My name is Hunor and I am volunteer in the United Kingdom. But what it means to be a volunteer? Obviously you have any idea about it, if you are reading this blog, but let me to show you some pictures, that what it means for me the volunteer life. As you can see a lot of memories, manyfriends, many places, and a lot of experience.

One year ago it was a good opportunity to try the volunteer work in France. It was just one month, but I really enjoyed it. After this project I have been decided one thing: I want to participate a similar but longer project. So at the beginning of the year I saw the (E.I.E) organizations advertise that they were looking volunteers for six months to Dudley (UK). I was decided and motivated and I recognized immediately the good opportunities. So I did not hesitate for long time and I sent my CV and motivation letter. After few weeks it was an interview when the hosting organization shared some information about the project. The addition the date was very good because the project started at July after immediately my university graduation. So I finished my studies at July 17th and I traveled at 19th to Dudley.

Why signed up in this project? First reason, I want to improve my language skills. Second reason, I am curious. I am curious about new culture, new countries, new people and etc. Third reason is the experience. I think is a good way to get experience after the university. I learned social sciences at the university so this kind of activity and my studies is can be linked. Fourth reason is: “leave your comfort zone” do some different. Sometimes need to leave ours “little convenient world” to learning something new. Before I left the country I told to the people to what am I doing the next six month. One person said to me: Ok, it’s good! Go out and watch it what the people do better than home. And you will bring home and use it.

So I am now in Dudley and learning, listening every day. And maybe I am going to demolish some stereotypes.

In the next post I will write about the hosting organization and our work.