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The impressions of Frici after his EVS in Spain!

My EVS story…and why you should make your own

Before we get started let me introduce myself. My name is Ferenc Barabas or Frici for short, and I am your average student in his early twenties who gets bored a lot of time in the classes and rather wants to travel and visit.

The beginnings

During my university I have always wanted to get out and study in another country with the Erasmus+ program. However, I never really get to it for whatever reason and lost my chances. So, I was starting the last semester of my masters’ program… bored and wanting a change. I have heard about EVS (European Voluntary Service) but as with Erasmus I never really got to it. But this time, when the opportunity risen to go to Spain and do an EVS, I did not hesitate. So, I applied and my sending NGO, A.T.A said that I have a big chance to go. My motivations were clear: I love to travel, I wanted to know new people, I wanted to learn a new language, I was attracted to this programs non-formal way of learning. Plus, I really wanted a change in my life.  So, in two weeks everything was done and I was going to Villa del Río, Spain.

My new home

There I wasin south of Spain in a small village with zero knowledge of the language or culture. I was living with three girls, two Portuguese and one Georgian. I thought it will be nice challenge and really interesting experience. At first, my thoughts were not bright as it was a really small village and looked like nothing is really happening. Well, I could not be more wrong.


My project had three parts: tasks assigned by my hosting organization, in my case the town hall of Villa del Río, secondly a group project and lastly personal project. I cannot say it was easy but you have to push your limits and learn new things or you get comfortable and ultimately lost if you just do the same thing over and over.

I had to adapt to how things work in Spain. I learnt how people work and when do they work. I learnt to communicate with people of different status. I worked sports so I had the opportunity to work with kids, young adults and elderly people as well. I learnt a new language and I learnt about Spanish culture.

Social life

This was the most interesting thing about my stay in Spain. I had to integrate in new community, a new environment, a different life. I made new friends, I partied, I travelled, I laughed, I communicated, I fought (verbally), I enjoyed, I loved, I hated, I misunderstood...and the list goes on. All I can say that it was the whole pack. But, most of the time a laughed as you can see in the pictures.

In conclusion

For me EVS was an unforgettable and life changing experience. I developed both professionally as personally and I am motivated to do more interesting things in my life. All of my expectations were exceeded. This is why I recommend EVS for you from all of my heart. If you want to test yourself here is your chance. Attila and the guys from ATA will help you find an interesting project.