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Looking for 3 Italian volunteer for and EVS project in Cristuru Secuiesc

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The Youth Association from Transylvania - an NGO from Cristuru Secuiesc, ROMANIA - recognizes the need of the local and regional community to have young people coming from other countries, who can contribute to developing the potential of the area from a cultural, social and economical standpoint. For this reason since October 2017 we coordinate EVS projects. Currently 9 EVS volunteers are doing activities with us and we are looking for 1 volunteer from Italy. Activities would start in the first week of October 2017, lasting 6 months.
As we have many kinds of EVS projects and activities, now we are looking for a volunteer who wants to join in the following project with the Italian organization “Associazione Culturale Strauss”.



"EVS to Digitalise Rural Societies" is an European Voluntary Service project through which Strauss and the partners want to promote the development and internationalization of 4 different rural communities: Mussomeli, Cerralba-Pizarra, Amora and Cristuru Secuiesc.
The project sees the direct participation of 12 young (18-30 years), of which 9 with fewer opportunities (socio-economic and geographical disadvantages), coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Romania, 4 different rural communities that share the same underdevelopment. Each hosting organization will host three young Italians, while Strauss will host 3 youngsters,1 Spanish, 1 Portuguese and 1 Romanian.

The role of the volunteer within our organization is to act as support person and as execution agent to the activities and initiatives that already exist in the community or our NGO. They will have to bring their own motivation and plans in order to fill in the frame of these actions with meaningful, efficient content. The EVS activity of the volunteer is constructed as follows: they will have to allocate 60 - 70% of their time and activity, to work on this main activity, which they choose in the selection phase. 20 - 30% of the time, their task will be to do common activities with the other volunteers, activities which are done around the yearly community traditions, events, happenings and holidays of the community. 10% of their time will be spent to create and do visibility materials and promotion activities for the NGO and especially for their own EVS activity. The venues of their activities will be in the small town of Cristuru Secuiesc.

In this context, we are expecting a volunteer who wants to discover the rural areas of our small town. We have many villages and natural places, forests, valleys and hills with bigger and smaller values. Luckily in the area many people use bikes, just as the volunteer will do, most of the time, when the weather is good enough for it. We give all the tools and help, what the volunteer needs during the 6 month for his/her project. The volunteer shall take pictures, videos and descriptions about the cultural, natural or other values of the area and collect them all for one document and etc.

The volunteer should be:

• motivated
• adaptive
• positive attitude
• ready to live in a small reality like Cristuru Secuiesc
• with some media/digital skill
• ready to work in other and different kinds of activities not related to the project itself (for instance, children, library, disability or ecology, etc.)

Besides all these, in terms of actually doing the activities, during the first month of each volunteers activity, the activities will be more general ones, where the volunteers get used to the community, to the culture, the habits, the logistics and the main activity. Also, in the first months they will also have Hungarian and Romanian language lessons.

You can find more information about the project here or if you want to read the article in Italian, click to this link

If you are interested about it and you wish to be a volunteer at our association, please contact with the following e-mail adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.