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Development Support for Transylvania - Reloaded has ended

Our Association’s fourth European Voluntary Service project was started on the 1st of December in 2015. It was very successful in this fourth time also.



11 volunteers took part in this project. Among these young people the most spent 7-10 months in this town but some of them decided to stay here to live in the area. In this project everyone had their own part what they were responsible for.

A Spanish volunteer guided lessons in the astronomy club to familiarizing children with the mysteries of astronomy. A Hungarian volunteer informed the population about the current events and other important facts. Two Spanish and a Hungarian volunteer supported the Youth Association from Transylvania in the office work and they also organized many different activities for locals. Two Spanish volunteers guided workshops for children about up- and recycling. Two Hungarian volunteers helped the local herbalist ladies. Another Hungarian girl helped for the kindergarten teachers and a Latvian volunteer managed the local online radio.

The volunteers also had English conversation clubs for the local and surrounding kindergartens and schools and did some community works (e.g. gardening) and organized events such as movie nights and jam sessions. All of them did their work eagerly and persistently and according to their claims they went home with lots of new experiences.