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The YIPPEE Strategic Partnersip is Closing its End – Looking Back

The Youth Association from Transylvania joined the Youth in Progress and Partnership for Equality and Exchange (YIPPEE) project to learn new methods and approaches and to give a new chance for the youth with fewer opportunities we work with to develop themselves by learning about Digital Storytelling and the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.



Once the project was approved we enthusiastically jumped into the preparation and the implementation of the activities and attended the kick off meeting in Rome where the next steps were clarified. Then, we launched the open call for selecting youth workers to attend the training course in Hungary. Four candidates who applied and from these two youth workers were selected and prepared.

The training organized in Budapest was a useful experience for the two youth workers because they discovered the Digital Storytelling method, the plan and activities foreseen.

Once back in Romania, the Romanian team planned and organized the local action during the Students’ Week we organize yearly. It was organized for more than 120 youth from 8 classes between the 11-15th of June. Only 3 teams took part actively in the activity related to digital storytelling, but all were observers of it. The event included an analogue way to render the digital storytelling process.

In mid-april, we launched the call for youth to take part in the youth exchange in Băile Tușnad in July and we also asked the youth we regularly work with from our community, if they wish to participate Like this we selected five motivated youth and prepared them for the youth exchange.

The youth exchange done on 13-20 July was a successful one for all – even though the team from Benin could not come because they did not receive visa – and the five youth from Romania appreciated the possibility to get in depth knowledge with regards to the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, but especially that they got familiar with the methodology of digital storytelling as a method for expressing one’s personal thoughts and views

Once the exchange ended, we organized a meeting with the five youth to plan the Local Activity that was to be done by these youth. We agreed that four youth will lead a storytelling afternoon during an English Camp and that one, who lives far from our seat would present the project, the Digital Stories and the SDGs to a group of his friends. They all did this in August and September.

With all the activities we did until now, the benefits we register in our staff and in the direct and indirect target groups of the project, we can easily say that the way the project was implemented enabled them to gather skills knowledge and attitudes regarding the digital storytelling, the sustainable development goals and also cultural realities in an effective and valuable way. We look forward to using the created outputs and curricula for furthering these methods and strategies through the dissemination activities that will follow.