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Clusters and Lanterns - teambuilding at Siklód

We started our trip in a drizzling, cold weather. From the passenger seat it’s easy to see what we had reached and left almost immediately: villages, hills, hills, villages, forests in orange color, gypsy palaces – then, old houses on winding streets looking at us from bunch of grapes. Finally, we’ve arrived at Siklód.


In front of us there were a tall gate, a wide garden, two cottages – one of them was our home which was warm by a nice stove. We filled the house by joy for two days, we had good conversations and laugh. Before those things we have been walking a few hours around the village.


We had walked down from the hill, through „the” bridge, and we arrived to a memorial statue.
This was about the foundation of the state, and there was a list of the deceased soldiers :history from the beginning to nowadays. But remembering means tradition as well. There was a nicely decorated and carved gate in front of the statue: culture from the beginning to nowadays.

We’d kept moving forward, up to the hill and through the gate – we arrived to a monument. It was a dark, robust wood fort, the belfry stood like a bastion. It wasn’t closed, so we could go up carefully and it was narrowed by the old wooden stairs that led us to the top where were three bells. It was not allowed to plangent the bells, the unusual ring of the bell means danger. The fog laid down on the hills as we had opened the windows.

We were surrounded by abandoned houses as we’d continued our way. The dark windows of those houses, old, stacked furniture and the padlock on the doors were meaningful. We looked around curiously, we were amazed by the past and the secret that they left here for us: How the life is still going on without people. There were ripe grapes, plums, apples everywhere. Not to mention the sheeps, there were three blackface „cloud” greeted us in a garden.

When we’d got back to our house, we had hot lunch after that we had some rest and started our team building. People say, we get to know each other by live together; but we can get closer to each other by playing games as well. For example, we were discussing, how far can we go in love based on an incomplete story that we’d heard. Another time we just realized that we are in the same shoes. But there is one thing that is common: everybody loves to eat and how much tastier is the food, if it made by our community. The dinner was goulash, after we played games that lasted until night.

In the next day the schedule was similar with one difference: in the garden the grape was riped enough, so we improvised a small harvest — the activity was recalling some of our childhood memories. After that, the village wanted to show us its brighter side, so we’d been for a walk. We had already met with a few dogs, some of them just randomly visited us int he garden. By walking on the street we met with a pointer, and finally he was hugged. After that he’d went away, and we continued our trip. Then we arrived to a field, we felt ultimate peace. At the two point of distance were a herd of cow and a piece of the village. It was nice how the cowbell was ringing and wind was soughing. We experienced similar silence, when we visited the „old” cemetery. The graves were settled between bushes, trees and overgrown grass. The deceaseds rest in a nice place.

When we got back from our roaming, a task had been waiting four us. We had to make a chart about our volunteer ship that has to be contained the main project we had chosen; how we feel about that and what we would like to really achieve through it. We were surprised because it was more than one chart. We got chinese lanterns and by them, our concepts could fly to the starry night. The chinese lanterns may knew as well that they COULD fly: as a symbol just our mentors’ lamps flew away. Except one, that stucked to a branch and made all the people pray, even the ones, who doesn’t think about this activity as a habitat. The magic was still happened anyway: the fire in the stove helped us to deliver the wishes where they belong to. The new member of the commune, Mathilde is also taken her part in this happening, she’d just arrived shortly before the not-flying chinese lanterns.

The next day it was surprising for us on the way back home: lame „clouds” passed the road accompanied by big dogs – and as the sheeps was walking from one side to the other, we finally arrived from the frizzy morning to the Indian summer.