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Digital storytelling training

Through the Erasmus + program and the organization of Anthropolis, we were present as Romanian participants in the Digital Storytelling Training, which began on October 6th in Budapest.

On the first day, we got to know the organizing team and people from different countries. We tried to get to know each other as quickly as possible, to get a little insight into each other's culture.
After being briefed on what this training really meant and what the requirements would be, we set out on a group tour and we closed the evening with a shared dinner.
The next morning we started the day with games and conversations. Then they introduced us to the world of storytelling and, in groups, we began to share our own stories with each other and then began to write them individually.
Tuesday was very exciting and eventful. After our stories were written, we recorded our voices one by one, so we could start working later. We collected the pictures we wanted to use for our videos and started editing. It felt good that although it was individual work, we still had a lot of advice and help.
The last day was about to finish the video. We corrected any bugs and then watched the videos together. The organizers created an intimate atmosphere by reading an introductory text about us and our videos, before each one. So all the videos were connected and it felt good to see each other's lives better.

During the last round of discussions, we gave feedback on what we wanted to leave on site and what we wanted to take with us. The participant’s diplomas were handed over to each other in an interesting way: everyone handed them over to an another companion, outlining the person in front of the team.
It was hard to say goodbye to these people because we knew we will all scattered and returning to our own homes. However, the experiences and memories we have gathered over these few days remain with us, and we hope to have the opportunity to enrich them.