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I am glad that I understand the process now

I spent about 2 weeks working on my project (the rest of the month we were at Team Building in Șiclod and On-Arrival Training in Bucharest). The 2 weeks were necessary to get a feeling of what the task is about. We haven't uploaded an article yet, because we needed this preparation. A lot of time was needed, for example, to understand how the website works. Now I know how to work as an administrator "behind the scenes".

A text about Szeklerland already exists, it should be uploaded as soon as a version in all necessary languages exists (Hungarian and Romanian are still missing). Because nobody among the previous volunteers wrote in German, it was and is my job to translate existing posts. Last week I translated the articles about bread baking and the shepherd into German.
We participated in events in rural areas and took pictures there: The first event took place in the kindergarten. Following the "grape balls" that take place in this region in autumn, the children were dressed in traditional costumes. Then they danced in front of an audience and drove later through the city on a horse-drawn carriage and got sweets and drinks for their dance performances at various locations. The photos taken there will be included in one of the next articles for the blog. That's also the case for the photos I took at All Saints' Day at the cemetery.
I am glad that I understand the process now. It was more work to get in there than expected. Honestly, I thought that we would have uploaded several stories at the end of October – but it is okay like that. Now I'm looking forward to the stories that are yet to be discovered.