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People care about people

People say that time flies fastest when you are experiencing best moments of your life. I don’t know how it happened but I can’t even realise that I already spent a month here in Romania, in our lovely city called Cristuru Secueisc. It looks like I just entered through the doors of the huge yellow house which looked so unfamiliar and big for me and now I am already calling this place home.

It looks like I just met other volunteers but they are already my closest family now. It looks like I just saw children from the disabled center for the first time and they seemed so different, I didn’t know how to talk with them, but now I have no idea how I am going to be able to say goodbye to them when the time comes. What I learned by heart during this month - people care about people. And people need people. Every day I am watching how volunteers in our house are supporting each other, how we are sharing our happiness and failures together. Every day I see how nurses at the disabled center are taking care of all children's needs and despite being tired they are still giving their smiles to the little ones. I see how mommies at the center for people with special needs are looking at each other's eyes with understanding and happiness that they can share their stories together. Even though I didn’t spend that much time working on my activity yet (as you probably already understood I am working with people who sometimes needs more help with their daily tasks than usual) I am already able to say that I learnt a lot. I didn’t learn how to build a house or solve the toughest math problem, but I learnt how to make more space in my heart for other people. Few weeks which I already spent with those children made me stronger, more patience and more open. Every day I am learning more about those cute little human beings. I am discovering their characters, understanding their needs and finding what makes them happy. Every child who I am working with is very unique and very different. I learnt how to be happy even for the smallest victories. I am delighted every time child starts to sing or dance together with me, I am jumping around  when our babies takes one step further on their own and I am smiling every time children share their toys. Step by step we know each other more and more and we are building valuable, honest and powerful relationships. Looking in the future, I know that I still have a lot of things to do. New possibilities, experiences and activities are waiting for me and I am looking forward to them.