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  • New volunteers in Cristuru Secuiesc

    On October 1st 9 volunteers arrived to Romania for the ESC excperience in Cristuru Secuiesc to be a volunteer in Youth Association from Transylvania. There were three flows of volunteers from 2017 and on 1. October arrived the last one. Read More
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Finished "The 16th International Meeting of Settlements Named 'Keresztúr'"

The town twinning event organized by our association and the local government ended and during the four-day event more than 10,000 people visited it. The event was supported and mad possible by the European Union and we would like to thank all the inhabitants of  Székelykeresztúr for their contributed to the success of the event.

"The 16th International Meeting of Settlements Named 'Keresztúr'" was organized between the 30th of July and the 2nd of August with the main financial and organizational support of the Youth Association from Transylvania which was acting on behalf of, and in partnership with the Municipality of SZÉKELYKERESZTÚR or Cristuru Secuiesc from Romania. The event was organized with a grant from the European Union’s Europe for Citizens Program, more specifically, it’s Town Twinning Strand and in this context it hosted 15 other settlements named KERESZTÚR, from Hungary. During the 4 days the whole town and the region of Székelykeresztúr participated in the cultural, folkloric, traditional, historical and also community building and training events which were organized by volunteers for the community and international guests and also for the decision makers. Alongside the members of the local and regional community, more than 600 participants came from the 15 Hungarian settlements also called Keresztúr from which some were volunteers, others were guests and performers in the folk and cultural events and some were decision makers representing their settlements.

The Municipality of Sékelykeresztúr also used other smaller grants, its own financial resources and local sponsorships in order to organize those activities of the event and to invite other twinned towns of Sékelykeresztúr which were not part of the Town Twinning project. These are events such as the bicycle tour, the Petőfi Sándor commemoration, the football competition, the innauguration of a Sekler gate, the wine competition, the firemen’s demonstration and so on.
The venues of the event were the Zeyk Domokos Technology High School with all of its facilities (sport center, classrooms, yard and dormitories) and the main street of the city which was closed down. Beside these other venues such as the Molnár István Museum Festive Hall were also used throughout the city. 
The event officially started in the afternoon of the 30th of July with the welcoming the delegations of all the settlements named Keresztúr. It continued with the bonfire of the settlements named Keresztúr in the yard of the Zeyk Domokos Technology High School. The day ended in the main square with the street ball and live music with the Party Boys. 
The second day started with the opening ceremony, where the main organizers welcomed the more than 600 international guests and the local participants. Then, the Pro Cultura prizes were distributed and open discussion followed with representatives of the municipalities and the participants in the Zeyk Domokos Technology High School. After this, the first Council of the Keresztúr’s were held where the 2014 European Parliament elections were discussed and analyzed in the Molnár István Museum Festive Hall. At 12:00, the Folk Art Exhibition was opened with a small ceremony.
At 16:00 the delegations of all the settlements who took part in the event had a parade and they all met at the main stage in the main square where each delegation showed its traditional music and folk dances. The event included the Civic Brass Band formed in 1895 from Székelykeresztúr, various children, youth, adult and elderly folk dance groups, veteran groups, choirs and pensioners' clubs. The day ended with a gala evening with the performances of the opera singer Zsuzsa Mihály, the accordionist Szabó Ádám and with the band Megaton.
Saturday morning, the 1st of August started with the Cooking and Wine Tasting events, where until lunch time different local, regional and international cooked their traditional dishes and the wine producers showcased their wines. This all happened in the yard of the Zeyk Domokos Technology High School.
In parallel with this, the second Council of the Keresztúr’s was done in the Molnár István Museum Festive Hall. The topics were the collaborations between mayor's offices and EU parliamentarians, discussing the future of the EU, EU grants and project management.
After noon the photo exhibition of the history of the settlements called Keresztúr, and of the international meetings was open to the public in the sport center of the Zeyk Domokos Technology High School. This exhibition was opened for the community in the next 2 weeks. At 17:00 an International Folk Dance Gala was held, where professional folk dance groups of youths, adults and elders presented their skills. This gala continued at night with the OneMoreRound and the Piramis Concert. Fireworks ended the day.
The last day of the event was for doing the closing activities, so, the last Council of the Keresztúr’s was held where the topics were the collaboration opportunities between settlements in the up-coming period, "The 17th International Meeting of Settlements named 'Keresztúr'" and the assessment of the results of the event.
The project was a huge success. All planned activities were organised according to plan and even more. Much more participants came from the Hungarian settlements and like this the impact of the project was wider and stronger. Also, the municipality of  Székelykeresztúr was able to use financial resources and local sponsorhips to do other activities outside the funding from the Europe for Ciziens grant, which made the event even more colorful and successful.