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Do sports not posts - youth exchange

The Do sports, not posts! project composed of two mobilities. The first a youth exchange that took place in Eforie Sud , in between August 17-23 2016 and focused on presenting past and present spring and summer sports from Romania, Spain, Slovakia and Croatia. The second one will be from 15 of February to 24 of February.



The project took part with 35 young people. The mobility was involved 10 youngsters with hearing disability: deaf or deaf-mute. Their inclusion in the exchange was facilitated by the presence of an interpreter from each country. Communication between them was also facilitated through the 20 minutes of daily sign language. Each country prepared a lesson for the hearing participants in international sign language. Each day different country showed a sport what is famous in their country and the participants were playing it.

In the first day morning the participants got to know about the Erasmus+, the timetable and the youthpass. After the lunch they were discovering Eforie Sud by a game. Then on the intercultural night every country introduced their traditional food and drink.

During the youth exchange was conducted an awareness rising campaign on the importance of practicing sport which consisted of distributing flyers, posters and banners, presenting a sport flashmob and conversations with passersby. On the 4. day the participant made questionnaires with local people all around the town in groups and they evaluated these.  The flyers, posters and banners were made by hand.

By the presentations, workshops and questionnaires the youngsters got to know about way of life in each country and each participants focused on food, internet usage and moving. 

On the last day in the morning they were playing different kind of sports in the sport center, what they have learned during the week and later they wrote and got their Youthpass.