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First step toward Africa, preparation in Amarante

One of the biggest project of the Youth Association from Transylvania is the Bridging Europe and Africa – Social Initiative, which lasts two years holding different kind of activities, such us workshops, EVS volunteering, job shadowing and found raising. Its first activity was organized between the 10th – 16th of February, 2016 in Amarante, Portugal with 17 young people from Romania, Potugal and Capo Verde, sadly the Beninese did not get the visa.



The first goal of the workshop was that to help to understand and see the main point of the project of BE AS I, they had different types of events, where they were introducing their part of the program and they set up all the important episodes of it. They also had many talking sessions of the EVS volunteering, what 4-4 volunteer will have in September till March in Capo Verde and Benin.

Beside of this they also had the chance to visit other institutions of Amarante, that helped to understand the importance of volunteering. First they went to a kind of orphanage, where the children had many activities with volunteers, they also visited a place with people with disabilities, a school where volunteers were teaching English with non-formal methods, and finally they went to a university for elderly people, where the teacher were teaching for free. It was the best way for the participants to see how important it is to volunteer at least once in your life time.

The rest of our time we had games and simulation with non – formal methods. And of course we spent the evenings with cultural happenings, we were trying to understand and learn about each others culture with dances, songs, food and presentations.