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6 months in Africa, our volunteers arrived in Benin

In the 1st day of September 2016 4 persons from Portugal and 3 women from Romania headed up to Africa to spend 6 months there and be a volunteer of two African countries.



The Romanians went to Ketou, Benin to work for ONG Minangan, who manages a clinic, the girls are helping there for expecting woman and because of their profession they are also able to deliver babies. Few times in a month they are going out to the village and they are measure blood pressure, this is very helpful also, because in this case they are promoting the clinic. One of the girls is making English and handicrafts activities with a group of children at the clinic and two times per week, she is also doing English lessons at one of the local primary school for two different classes. The same volunteer also documents the experience in Benin through a blog, by making videos and creating photo albums, which are published on social media.

The volunteers in Capo Verde are volunteering for Associacao Amigos do Calhau, they are there for the nature of the islands. They are helping to make a pool for the turtles in the sanatorium, they are waiting for the stopping birds and helping them to have a rest in their station, they are also making an exhibition for the organization; they are collecting minerals and other kind of peculiarities of nature. But not just, the volunteers are also making activities for the community, especially for youth, such as sport events, movie night and culture presentations.