Arts and craft fun time in Kőrispatak! The Short term volunteers stayed in the famous straw-hat crafting village of Kőrispatak for 3 days, and organized together with the local priestess, Somodi Anita, a camp and traditional craft activities for the kids from 6 to 12 years old.
The volunteers were very enthusiastic to offer kids another way to spend their holiday and connect with each other.

On Tuesday they welcomed the children and played games to remember each other’s names.

After that, craft time! We had 2 pieces of wood. Using 2 layers of white paint, we made sure it would look good and then applied table napkins, after which we put glue on top of it, to make the blank spaces transparent. Once it’s dry it looks like a painting!

On Wednesday we did a fun Spanish dance! A new instruction is added at each sentence and at the end we all looked silly but it was a lot of fun
The weather was amazing!

On Thursday, in the priestess garden, we did fun games and then crafted angels out of straw. That was quite easy as we had done braids with straws the day before.

We finished the day by playing active games such as Capture the flag and the Rock paper scissors race. Everybody ran, defending the flag of their respective teams and looking for the one of the other team. Both team blue and team pink demonstrated great team work!

Then came the moment to say goodbye, with a lot of great memories and some sadness too. We did a big circle and screaaamed all together to acknowledge all of the emotions we felt during the camp.

Thank you to Communitas for making this camp possible, to the priestess, everyone who welcomed us and all the kids who shared these nice moments with us.