At the beginning of the 2023 year, we launched a new project with our Greek partner You In Europe called Get The Net, where we organised activities for young people on the opportunities offered by the European Union, on aspects of environmental protection, also several skills development activities in the field of self-development.

“The fourth trimester of the GET THE NET PROJECT is closing, and our networking project is coming to the end. It was a year full of activities and initiatives dedicated to young people, as “GET THE NET” brought together a consortium of partners with the same approach to the involvement of young people in Democratic participation, inspiring a mentality of active participation and aiming to create the citizens of tomorrow. 

We managed to give space to young people to make themselves heard, we informed them about possible opportunities for contribution, involvement and participation in democratic procedures, and gave them the tools in order to create the local societies they want to live in. 


The 11 members of our network from different European countries, gathered all their energy, imagination and ideas, and designed, organised and implemented a series of activities in the important social issues:

More specifically we organized:

36 Infodays on environment, the protection of the animals, cyber bullying, healthy lifestyle, 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in waste, inclusion and multiculturalism

44 Empower Days,
on the opportunities that young people have through the initiatives of the EU and the European Commission for issues such as the innovative entrepreneurship, learning mobility, voluntarism, creative arts, European projects etc., self-branding & CV as a way to promote themselves and last,  advocacy and ways to claim rights or solutions for issues affecting the local communities.

20 Youth working Groups,
promoting the youth creativity especially of those youngsters that live in social margins

5 Training of Trainers,
that offers the necessary tools to the youth workers, in order to act as coaches of young people when they want to take initiatives for their local societies.

3 Simulation Events,
to promote the active participation of young people through the dialogue with local authorities in order to gain voice, role, position and experience in the frame of their local society.

16 Web-radio // Podcasts, where local youngsters had the chance to plan, create and implement their broadcasting shows, based on social issues related to active participation and citizenship.”


We are all excited for this collaboration, filled with more passion, initiatives and knowledge to move on.

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