Once again, on March 15th, the anniversary of the Hungarian revolution of 1848 is celebrated in Cristuru Secuiesc. Alongside this day, not only the characteristic Hungarian spirit of this region in Transylvania, but also a grand march of several hundred people flooded the streets.

Spectators enjoyed a morning filled with folklore and multiculturalism in the town center. The community’s presence is virtually total. The entire town gets involved in celebrating its idiosyncrasy and uniqueness.

Accompanied by the music orchestra, many students walk through the streets of Cristuru to reach the center. Students who preserve their culture and enthusiastically promote it to the next generation.

Listening to Hungarian chants and enjoying what seems to be very common here, vibrant voices that send shivers down the spine. Followed by a showcase of dances by young students from Orbán Balázs High School, Berde Mózes Unitarian High School, and Petőfi Sándor Elementary School.

The festivity also stands out for its gastronomy, where attendees can savor traditional Hungarian dishes prepared by locals, such as gulyás (beef stew) or langos (a kind of fried bread). This culinary experience adds another level of authenticity to the celebration, immersing attendees in the rich culture and traditions of the Hungarian people in Transylvania.

Furthermore, throughout the day, cultural and educational activities take place, such as local art exhibitions, talks on Hungarian independence history, and theatrical performances narrating the key events of 1848, presented by the students of Zeyk Domokos Technical School. These activities not only entertain but also educate younger generations about the importance of preserving the cultural heritage and historical legacy of the region. In summary, the anniversary  of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 in Cristuru Secuiesc is not just a festive event but also an opportunity to strengthen community ties and pass down traditions to future generations.