Another successful youth exchange!


From 19 to 26 June, 32 young people from 5 countries (Romania, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Turkey and Spain) came to our city for a youth exchange organised by us, with the main aim of discovering opportunities and ideas on how to spend their free time actively. During the 8 days we spent here, we introduced and practised several active activities with them every day, hoping to give them enough motivation to bring a little activity into their daily lives, in addition to passive pastimes.

The young people arrived on Tuesday in the lush green surroundings of Sóskút and tried to get to know the hostel and the forest environment as much as possible.

The first day was spent getting to know each other: after a short game to introduce the topics, they went on an exciting sightseeing tour in the afternoon, made even more interesting with a variety of fun activities. Particularly noteworthy was the religious diversity they experienced here. And in the evening, a very interesting and enlightening programme, the Intercultural Night, began. This consisted of a presentation by young people from each country of their country’s typical snacks and refreshing drinks.

The second day of the youth exchange started with an introduction to the concept of active leisure. Participants discussed what active leisure means to them and then were invited on a hike while discussing different topics. Lunch was followed by a book and film club. Here the participants had the chance to watch a Hungarian Oscar-winning short film, which they had to guess and write the ending of in detail before the film was over. In the afternoon, the day’s activities were evaluated, and the learning outcomes reflected upon. Participants shared what they had learned that day and how they could apply this knowledge in the future. The day continued with free time for everyone to relax, and after dinner we had the “Romanian Evening”, where the Romanian participants presented our country and different snacks.

The third day of the youth exchange started with an energizing breakfast, followed by a refreshing yoga class led by Anett Timár. Participants were refreshed both physically and mentally before embarking on the rest of the day’s activities. After a break in the morning, the participants engaged in podcast making. They learned how to make and edit their own podcasts, which could be a useful tool for them in the future. After lunch, the group went on a guided tour of Sighisoara. During the tour, they learned about the history and culture of the city and were given free time to explore the city individually. The day continued with free time for everyone to relax, and the evening was rounded off with a free activity, giving them the opportunity to spend time individually or in small groups.

The fourth day started with an energizing breakfast and continued with the making of bird feeders and bee hotels. This was followed by various intercultural activities where participants from each country presented their own games and cultural elements. After lunch, they spent time on body art activities, developing their creativity and cooperation skills. In the afternoon, lessons learned, and achievements of the day were discussed during the evaluation and reflection. The evening was rounded off with an event showcasing Slovak and Turkish cultures, where participants learned about the traditions, food and music of these countries.

On the morning of the fifth day, the young people enthusiastically threw themselves into the programme, which started with voluntary work. Organised in small groups, they painted the city’s benches in various locations, bringing a little colour to the streets. All this with the support of the Mayor’s Office of Cristuru Secuiesc. During the morning, they excitedly prepared for the afternoon theatre performance. After lunch, the participants were treated to an exciting and emotional theatre performance, in which they shared their own experiences and thoughts about certain generational issues. The evening continued with a free programme, giving participants the opportunity to socialise, make friends and have fun together.

On the morning of the sixth day, the young people started the day with various sports activities at the Berde Moses Unitarian High School. There was football, volleyball and even a little ping-pong. The sports were followed by a dynamic zumba class, during which everyone moved freely to the rhythm of the music. The rest of the morning was spent brainstorming and planning workshops. After lunch, participants evaluated the day together and reflected on their learning. Dinner was followed by an evening of Northern Macedonian and Spanish food and music, where they explored the gastronomic and musical treasures of both cultures. Dancing and singing went on late into the evening.

The seventh day was entirely focused on workshops for the young people. In the morning, the groups got together and started working on the projects they had dreamed up earlier. After lunch, the creative work continued, with everyone actively contributing to the common goals. In the afternoon, they presented the results of the workshops to each other, where they came up with exciting and innovative ideas. At the end of the day, there was a free programme where the young people spent time together, talking, playing and relaxing.

On the morning of the last day, the young people went on a joint visit to the local museum, where they viewed exciting and informative exhibitions. During the evaluation, they shared their experiences of the museum’s exhibitions. During the morning, the learning outcomes related to the Youthpass certificates were written, during which everyone summarised their experiences and knowledge gained during the programme. After lunch, the exchange programme and the Youthpass certificates were evaluated, with everyone receiving their certificates. The afternoon free time was followed by a farewell party where the young people celebrated the end of the programme together. Throughout the evening, many emotional moments were shared, friendships were made, and everyone looked back on the time spent with joy. Goodbyes are always bittersweet, and this time was no different, as everyone said a tearful goodbye to each other as the first group left for their own small town that very evening.


All in all, this youth exchange proved to be a very valuable and useful experience for young people who want to learn, as we can be sure that the few young people who participated in the youth exchange will live their daily lives as active and contributing members of society.