2020 ESC VOLUNTEERS: Introduction

On September 7th 2020, six new volunteers arrived in Romania to start their new volunteer adventure. Of these six volunteers we have two Irish girls: Aisling and Sarah. We have one German: Niko. We have two English volunteers: Nadia and Renata and lastly, we have Slovakian volunteer: Nickolas.

Due to travel delayed we had two separate volunteers come at a later time, Lithuanian volunteer: Viktorija and Irish volunteer Tola.

All of the volunteers are now at least one week into their time here in Cristuru Secuiesc and are very happy. We are all settling in nicely and discovering our new home for the next six months!

We have all been exploring our local area and going for walks to discover new places. On Monday the 21st of September we all started work for the first time. This is a very exciting time for us all and everyone has been so welcoming and helpful which certainly helps.

We are all excited to really discover all that volunteering here in Cristuru Secuiesc has to offer and do as much as we can as volunteers here in this community.