Artability+ Dissemination Event and Project End

The 36 month long Artability+ Strategic Partnership which is financed by the Erasmus+ Program is slowly but surely coming to an end. To celebrate this, all partners have organized dissemination and multiplier events to share the results of the project with a wider audience, not only to boast with the achievements of the project, which are quite a lot, but also to inspire entities in doing similar local, national or international initiatives in the future.

We organized our event in the Molnar Istvan Museum on the 5th of August 2022. We invited 70 stakeholders from the larger region from 21 different entities (schools, associations, foundations, municipalities, the media, etc). Out of these, 54 registered and confirmed participation and 42 attended the 4 hour long event. Along with them we also had staff members, and disabled target groups attending who also shared their experiences.

During the dissemination event we focused on 4 of the main elements that came out of this project:

– the 3 stages of art labs done with more than 60 disabled people which created 72 tutorial videos
– the curricula to aid anyone wishing to empower disabled youth to become more self-sufficient through art
– the training course done for disabled young adults in Lugo, Spain, and
– the online, interactive exhibition of the 72 artworks created during the project.

All these can be found here.

During the event, the 18 artworks were also on display in the museum and in the snack break, attendees could also watch their tutorials.

With this we are almost finished with the project. We only need to translate the curricula that was created into our national languages and with that, all project activities are finished.