Artability+ Project meeting in Greece

On March 4th the ATA team, represented by two staff members, went to Thessaloniki, Greece to attend the second project management meeting of the Artability+ Strategic Partnership project which is financed by the Erasmus+ Program.

They and the staff of the partners from Greece, Spain and Lithuania reviewed the past activities done with the intellectual output and the artistic workshops done with their target groups, youth and adults with disabilities. So far, a thorough tailormade curricula has been devised for 6-6, 24 adults to use various artistic and crafting methods that can express creativity and teach others. The future activities include making video tutorials of the 24 tecniques and testing them and then repeating the process two more times with 48 other target groups.

In total the project lasts 3 years and all coordinators of this consortium have high hopes for the final outcomes.