ATA Tent – fun at its best

The ATA tent organized on town days could not be left out of the program offers of our association this year either, which awaited the youngest children and their families with a colorful program this year as well. Fun, laughter, skillful hands, beadwork, face painting, baby corner and a big smile at the end characterized the two days of the ATA tent. As usual, our international volunteers designed the tent program this year. For weeks they were fiddling and thinking about what they could do to put a smile on the faces of our little guests. They enthusiastically made the decorations to bring color to the life of the town days.

The tent was filled with life on Friday. First we put the decorations, then we settled in with the lemonade corner, created a playground for the babies, and another corner for the parents to wait until their children enjoyed the crafts. Some were happy to join the game and joined in handicrafts, beading or supporting their children in sensory games. Since we had a warm weather, cold refreshments were essential, which we did not only distribute to those who visted us, but everyone who asked for a glass.

In the second half of the day, face painting took place. Our international and local volunteers were eagerly waiting for the children with various creative paintings that transported the youngest ones to a magical world. Perhaps there were some who were sleeping like butterflies, spider-men, or unicorns.

Overall, we can say that the ATA tent was a great experience again this year, the many smiling and grateful faces were worth the effort. We would like to thank the parents and children for visiting us again this year during the town days, our staff, international and local volunteers for their persistent and sacrificial work, and the Municipality of Székelykeresztúr for their financial support for the realization of the event.