How did the local community accept the volunteers?

The ATA Association is an important organization that carries out various events and activities in Cristuru Secuiesc. The association manages dozens of events and projects aimed at preserving the region’s history and culture. As ATA Association volunteers, we work together with the community by showing the necessary effort for organizing and coordinating these events.

As volunteers, we spend a considerable amount of time with the children who represent the future of the region, and in doing so, we get the chance to meet their families as well. Even if we do not speak the same language, a few Hungarian sentences that we manage to speak increase their sympathy towards us. ATA Association volunteers not only work in kindergartens, but also participate in community centers, libraries, and high schools. Moreover, living in a small region means that we come across the same locals almost every day in markets, cafes, restaurants, and the market, making communication and interaction with them is highly prevalent.

Additionally, we prepare the city together with the locals for their special events and organize unique activities for New Year’s celebrations. As volunteers, we participate in dozens of events held in the city center or other parts of the city. The ATA Association collaborates with local leaders, organizations, and schools in the city to organize programs aimed at teaching children about the history and culture of the region. These events help the people of Cristuru Secuiesc to understand the activities of the ATA Association, get to know the volunteers, see them as one of their own, and support the association.

Through our organization’s efforts, we work closely with the people and strive to preserve the city’s historical and cultural fabric, improve the well-being of the people, and support the socialization and global awareness of the younger generation. The people’s interest in our essential projects has increased through various channels, and I believe that our projects are appreciated by the local community.