Phase 3 of Artability+ Project Finished and the Exhibition

We, the Greek, Lithuanian and Spanish partners have finally finished all 3 phases of the Artability+ Strategic Partnership which is financed by Erasmus+. What does this mean? That in the past 30 months we have done at least 72 art labs or workshops with more than 60 disabled young adults and also 72 tutorial videos for other disabled and non-disabled to learn how to create art. We are extremely proud of the target groups we worked with, the caretakers, teachers, video editors and staff for their tremendous work.

On this Youtube channel you can view all the 72 videos

We of course wish to highlight the last 5 from Romania:

and again Klau:
and Eni:

With this, we have also gathered all 18 artworks from Romania and had the inauguration of our artwork exhibition. It was in the local Molnar Istvan Museum as part of the larger Night of the Museums event where around 1000 people came. Out of them at least 300 saw the exhibition and the tutorial videos. The artworks will be up until September. At the inauguration all 3 entities were present who we worked with in the project -the Providence Association, the Orban Foundation and the Harom Galamb Association – and 6 of the 11 disabled persons who had artworks featured in the exhibition. They were thrilled to see the artworks on the walls or tables but mainly to see the videos on a big screen.

For more details about the project and how to get involved in the next steps, write us a mail at!

This project is financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.