Vesile, our health volunteer

I am Vesile Yücel, I´m 24 years old. I am a graduate of Anatolian High School, I studied 112 health primary and emergency services at the university. In 2017, I went to university to study Paramedic First and Emergency Aid and took part in various volunteer activities at my university.

I have undertaken and implemented voluntary work such as aged care centres, child welfare institutions and food distribution to the homeless. I gave voluntary trainings to the local people in order to meet the blood needs of children with leukemia and to inform them about health. I like to help people.

I want to communicate and learn about the culture and history of the place I am visiting. 

 I arranged health checks and living conditions. I was also interested in nutrition and sports order. Then I voluntarily cared for premature twin babies at home. After my process was over, I organized volunteer activities at the orphanage. I worked voluntarily in the fields of solidarity and psychological interaction in the elderly care center. I arrived in Romania at the beginning of January.

 I’m here because I love helping small communities. I feel good here because I can interact with many people during the day and do good. I love doing social activities with children in kindergartens. Due to my profession, I wanted help and learn form this area and this region.

I am here because I think I’d be too active voluntarily in this situation. I would like to be supported by your community for performing any task on time and diligently. I love getting to know people and their cultures. I am happy to meet and help more people. Being here will contribute to my future idea of ​​working and volunteering in Europe, learning a better language and helping more people.

In this process, I will learn culture and order better. Children and youth are the future of a nation.