Youth Exchange on Addictions

Our last Youth Exchange of the year, which will take place between 21-28th of October and will be around addictions, will start soon. The program attracts participants from 6 countries: Turkey, Latvia, Spain, Croatia, Slovakia and, of course, Romania.

The Youth Exchange will actually be a continuation of our previous programme, this time it will not be about addictions related to different substances,  but behavioural addictions will play an important role. Over the 8 days, digital addiction, addictions related to travel, shopping, work and eating habits will also be discussed. We will approach the topic in completely non-formal ways, digital catalogues, posters, slam poetry, as well as paper theatre will be produced in order to better process individual dependencies, understand them and look for possible ways out.

Of course, the program will also provide space for getting to know certain cultures, tasting traditional delicacies and learning dances. The project and the 8-day exchange are implemented within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.