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Erasmus+ programme – KA204 Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Project number: 2020-1-PT02-KA205-006639


The European Union’s effort to develop a set of strategies that promote an active role and youth participation in community and European activities is recognized. The goal is for young people to acquire and recognize their skills and the importance of adopting critical and conscious thoughts and attitudes, essential for social transformation. New generations of young people have greater access to information and opportunities, but continue to fail to filter those that fit their expectations, motivations and interests and, in two ways, can be a point of personal development and a point of social contribution.


We intend to respond to the problem of social exclusion of young people from community activities (volunteering), due to the absence of key competences (mainly citizenship) and the disconnection between their interests and the activities promoted.


– Promote a project that allows the sharing of practices, strategies and the transfer of knowledge and experience of organizations in the intervention with young people, especially with regard to the appeal and preparation of young people for local community activities (volunteering);
– Promote the consolidation of innovative, appealing and truly inclusive projects and / or activities for young people, considering their expectations, motivations and
interests, by incorporating different social realities (and with transferability – from local to European);
– Promote solutions and conditions for the training of young people and youth workers, taking into account the potential of participatory and voluntary methodologies.


– Identification, collection and systematization of good practices and strategies, knowledge and experiences in the intervention with young people, especially with regard to the appeal and preparation of young people for local community activities;
– Joint consolidation of a guideline oriented towards the appeal and preparation of young people for participation in local community activities;
– Training of young people with key competences for lifelong learning, especially citizenship skills;
– Training of youth workers with new key skills, practices, strategies and non-formal methods of youth intervention, boosting their capacity for local and transnational operationalization;
– Strengthening the European partnership network, forcing the transnational opening of youth workers and organizations and the recognition of their work;
– Promotion of social inclusion, namely in terms of access to opportunities, transfer of common social values, valuing European diversity and strengthening the European identity of young people, participation and citizenship.

Project coordinator: Ungvári Borbála


Anastasiya Romanovska – France

My name is Anastasiya Romanovska. I am a 24 year old French student
in environmental studies. I am very happy and excited to be spending the
year in Romania, helping as the host support person for ATA ✨
I hope to gain experience with the colorful locals of Cristuru and
enjoy the beautiful sights that this region has to offer!