The Argentinian, El Salvadorian, Colombian, Hungarian and Spanish partners, together with us ATA, were all motivated to finally meet face to face in Argentina and discuss all parts of the VET Pact project which is financed by Erasmus+. So far, ATA has only met the Hungarian and Argentinian partners through other projects, so it was very necessary and useful to meet everyone.

The goals of the meeting were to get to know the partners face to face, to discuss all important aspects of the project, to clarify unclear aspects, and to get to know the Argentinian partner and city.

10 people participated in the meeting. Originally, there should have been 12 of us, 1 project coordinator and a financier from each country, but the El Salvadorian and Spanish partners were represented by only 1 person each, the project coordinators, because the financiers could not travel for objective reasons.

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