Call: 2023 Round 3 SPR ESC30-SOL – Solidarity projects 
Project Number: 2023-3-RO01-ESC30-SOL-000184494 
Duration: 12 months 

• To raise environmental awareness and educate members of the community about the importance of local biodiversity;
upcycling and composting; selective trash collection and recycling; and reduction of water and air pollution – The organizer
team expects at least 120 people to attend the organized workshops. The aim is to have at least 30 participants during each
workshop organized throughout the year.
• To encourage people to adopt small, easily maintainable habits in their everyday lives that can reduce their ecological
footprint and help develop a more environmentally conscious and sustainable community for future generations – The
organizer team expects at least 160 people to attend the organized practical events. The aim is to have at least 40
participants on average at all events throughout the year.
• To improve the health of the local ecosystem and reduce waste and pollution – The organizers aim to plant at least 20
trees and 50 other flowers or plants, build at least one bee hotel and five bird feeders and organize at least one common
trash collecting action.

Expected outcomes:
• Increased Awareness – Through the education of the local community on important topics, such as the importance of the
local biodiversity, upcycling, composting, selective trash collection, and reduction of water and air pollution; people will
become more aware of their actions and the impact they have on the environment.
• Improved Environmental Health – The aim of the project is to promote sustainable practices that will help reduce waste,
pollution, and improve the health of the local ecosystem. This will be beneficial for the health of the local community since it
will result in cleaner air, water, and soil.
• Strengthen Community – By organizing events and activities for the community, people will have an opportunity to interact
with each other, work together, and bond over a common goal. This will promote a sense of belonging and social
• Economic Benefits – Since the project promotes upcycling, recycling, and composting, it also encourages people to reuse,
or find alternative utilization for their resources, for example, use an empty jar as a container for rice. This should also help
reduce the need for new materials and ultimately lower people’s expenses. On a broader scale, by promoting selective trash
collection, the community will be able to reduce waste management costs. This is important since, unfortunately, we, as a
global population, are facing an energy crisis, inflation, and uncertainty. Being able to adapt any habits that might bring an
additional layer of safety and stability into their lives would be beneficial.

Project team:
Natalija Atanackovic
• Gabriella Orosz
• Dániel Kacsó
Timea Böjte
Mihály Fazakas