Enhancing youth voice for diversity and inclusion

Youth INC

Call: Erasmus-Youth-2023-CB — Capacity Building in the field of Youth 

Reference number: 101130662 

Duration: 24 months 

In the YOUTH INC. project 6 partners (NGOs and youth led organisations) from Hungary, Romania, Germany, Kosovo, Albania and Israel will work together to increase the quality, perception and capacity of youth workers, and young people through learning for diversity and inclusion.

Through the NGOs and youth workers involved in the project, young people will learn about critical thinking, exploring topics of anti-racism, minorities, diversity and inclusion. Using this method and with the help of experts, young people will identify cultural and ethnic minority heroes who have played a significant historical, economical and/or cultural role in the life of the community without recognition, who have represented important universal values.

At the end of the process, virtual monuments will be inaugurated, bringing the heroes who had been invisible before to light.


Project coordinator:

Anthropolis Antropológiai Közhasznú Egyesület, Hungary


Project partners:

Youth Agency from Germany

Interfaith Encounter Association from Israel

Act for Society Center from Albania

Center for Counseling, Social Services and Research from Kosovo

Youth Association from Transylvania