Three motivated young people visited Spain’s beautiful province of León between 23-28th of April 2024 to discover the entrepreneurial opportunities, good practices, and secrets of maintaining mental wellbeing in rural areas. Read their report below.

Nestled within the tranquil landscapes of Bierzo, Peón de Arriba emerges as a beacon of renewal—a village once forgotten, now pulsating with energy and promise. This transformation found its essence in the convergence of cultures and dreams, as students from across Europe gathered to explore the realms of rural entrepreneurship in an Erasmus program unlike any other.

The program’s agenda was carefully crafted to blend education with adventure, offering a diverse array of workshops, outdoor activities, and cultural exchanges. From brainstorming business models to traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Bierzo, every moment in Peón de Arriba was an opportunity to expand horizons and embrace the unknown.

Participants dived into immersive workshops where they learned to develop business plans and innovative strategies for rural entrepreneurship. Guided by an experienced mentor, they explored the intricacies of market analysis, branding, and sustainable development, gaining practical insights that transcend traditional classroom learning.

Beyond the confines of the workshop, Peón de Arriba beckoned with its natural wonders—a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Participants embarked on treks through lush forests, discovered the ancient ruins of Roman mines, and immersed themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

As the sun set over the horizon, the village came alive with the laughter and camaraderie of newfound friends. Here, amidst the ancient echoes of the past and the whispers of future possibilities, participants discovered the true essence of entrepreneurship — not merely as a means of financial gain, but as a journey of self-discovery and communal upliftment.

As the program drew to a close, Peón de Arriba emerged not just as a village, but as a symbol of hope and possibility—a place where dreams take flight, and aspirations find wings. In the heart of “Empty Spain,” amidst the rolling hills and whispering forests, lies a sanctuary for those who dare to dream, to explore, and to embrace the journey of entrepreneurship with open hearts and open minds.