Here is a really good opportunity for the nature lovers!

The Al Hamam Association is offering a volunteer program this year in September in Cortijo Los BaƱos, located in the area of influence of the Tabernas desert (Almeria).

This volunteering project aims to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, raise awareness about the conservation of European rural cultural heritage, and foster an inclusive society based on European and permaculture values. The project focuses on environmental preservation through traditional techniques, combating climate change, and enhancing biodiversity. It also encourages sustainable living practices, community cooperation, and intercultural communication, while educating participants on the importance of ecological and holistic health. The project aspires to create a replicable model for future sustainable development and social inclusion.

Volunteers will engage in hands-on activities such as building dry stone walls, improving irrigation systems, reforesting areas, and caring for native farm animals to restore and preserve the environment. The project emphasizes learning through direct interaction with nature, fostering personal growth, systemic thinking, and holistic health. By integrating healthy habits and promoting intercultural dialogue, the initiative aims to create a community of informed and engaged individuals ready to tackle global challenges like desertification and climate change.

The project activities starts from 3rd of September until the 23rd (not including the travel days) and they will host a Health and Culture day on the 21st of September.

In case you are interested, you can get more information from the info package right HERE.

You can apply by filling out the online questionnaire available HERE.