Job-Shadowing in Amarante

Between 8 and 15 November, the job-shadowing-took place in Portugal as part of the project called “Emotional Management: Tool to Fight Social Media Dependency”, which is a strategic partnership. Teachers and youth workers from Romania and Spain participated in the job-shadowing organized in Amarante. Our association was represented by Emőke Király. Read her testimony here.

“At the beginning of the training we got to know the members of the Portuguese and Spanish groups participating in the project, and then we visited the institutions participating in the project for five days (between 8 and 12 November):  Escola  Secundária  de  Amarante  (ESA) high school,  Aventura  Marao  Clube youth centre (CJA) and the headquarters of the local government.

At first we mapped the entirely new building of the secondary school: in the institution providing education for 1300 students, we could see huge spaces, well-equipped classrooms and specialized rooms, but we were surprised to find that the building had a slightly depressing atmosphere due to the predominance of black and gray colors. I liked the fact that the walls were used to show the work of the students and made the rivers more colorful with exhibitions.

During the lesson visits, we first answered the questions of curious Portuguese students concerning the Romanian school system, the daily program of students, the subjects we taught and the leisure activities. During the hours we visited, we were able to observe what methods Portuguese educators use to develop emotional intelligence, how to solve different situations. The students behaved in a disciplined way, patiently listening to their peers. I found it interesting that 20% of the final grade in each subject was the qualification of the student’s behavior. It made me smile that there were some Portuguese students who had left their books at home or only showed their skills and knowledge in front of their peers after several instances of urging from teachers.

The school’s best feature was Sala de Futuro (the hall of the future), where a whole range of multimedia tools were available for teachers and students to solve tasks through creative solutions in group work involving several subjects at the same time.

Through the Portuguese host of the project, the Youth Centre of Amarante(CJA), we have gained an insight into the everyday life of a wide range of activities: through their international volunteers, they offer various leisure activities to the local community (kayaking, cycling, horseback riding), teaching in kindergartens, schools and trying to provide a different kind of view of the world through non-formal  trainings.

The activities organized by the youth centre made the participants of the project active, and it was a special pleasure for us to enrich our game library in this way as well.

After the trainings, in the afternoons, we got acquainted with the attractions of Amarante and the region and we were fascinated by the beauty of Guimaraes and the Douro Valley/Régua. On the weekend we were able to explore two cities in northern Portugal: the sights of Coimbra and Porto also impressed us.

Our training ended on Monday, November 15th, when the activities were evaluated, and we expressed our feedback to the organizers. At the same time, we have raised expectations from the Spanish and Portuguese teams regarding the training to be held in Cristuru Secuiesc in spring 2022.”

The project is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program. Follow our website and Facebook page for more information about the project.