Opportunities for volunteering in France

Would like to try yourself out in volunteering? Ready to work for a community and make lifelong friendships even? You are in the right place! In this post we are going to introduce you to some amazing opportunities for volunteering in France for 9 months!



  1. The Europ’Armor organization located in Saint Brieuc is looking for volunteers – the mission for the volunteers would be to encourage and inform the young generation about the possibilities of volunteering in Europe. You can learn more about the program HERE
  2. The Steredenn FJT located in Dinan is looking for people – to organize intercultural events, inform the youth about mobility in Europe and to make their own project about a topic close to their heart. Apply and read more about it HERE
  3. Ensemble scolaire St. Yves located in Saint Brieuc is looking for young enthusiastic volunteers – the task is to educate the young people about mobility, initiatives around Europe and opportunities for them to discover international mobility solutions. Apply and read more about it HERE
  4. Ville de Lannion is hosting more than one opportunities for volunteering both located in Lannion
                                        – Bringing more information about internation mobility in a bigger age gap (15 to 25), introducing possibilities for them. More information is available HERE.

                                      – Working with people with disabilities, their caretakers and elderly people. Organizing inclusive events for them, and helping smoothen their participations on those events and activities. Learn more here HERE.


  1. Lycée Saint-Joseph Bossuet school is looking for creative volunteers for the next 9 months – to support the students and the teaching teams in arts, culture, technology and so on. Support of students in the creation of projects (video editing, capsules, photo, radio) and to host workshop for and with them. Apply and learn more HERE
  2. Lycée Jean Moulin located in Saint Brieuc is recruiting young individuals – to raise awareness of citizenship and international solidarity issues. The volunteers will help in the organization of the Festival of Solidarity, support students in their internship abroad and informing them about international mobility. Detailed information is available HERE.
  3. The Lycée St Charles la Providence in Saint Brieuc is hosting volunteers for – organizing cultural and intercultural events and activities for the students, also promoting international mobility and informing them about the topic. . More information is available HERE.
  4. The Habitat Jeunes en Trégor Argoat association in Lannion is looking for volunteers – to engage in residence activities, lead cultural and linguistic programs, and participate in youth projects. Volunteers will also help animate Le Pixie bar-expo-concerts and Le Piksel digital studio. Learn more and apply HERE.
It’s probably a lot of information, we know, but in case any of the listed opportunities interest you, don’t waste any time and apply in the links above!