It is summer time! That means we have to welcome the high temperatures, the fruits, holidays, summer camps… and also the short-term volunteers. Yes! 12 new volunteers arrived at Cristuru Secuiesc during the last few days to begin a new exciting project.

The team is formed by young people of 4 different nationalities, Marina, Íñigo, Inés, Ainhoa and Mael come from Spain; Cara and Malena come from Germany; Mathieu, Nolwen and Julien come from France and last but not least, László and Hédi come from Hungary. The twelve of them will be living for the next two months and a half in this town participating in an ESC project.

The main purpose of them being here will be the organization, preparation and coordination of the different summer camps organized by ATA association that will take place in Cristuru and the villages around, there will be a total of 5 camps. In order to prepare them for the upcoming work during their two first weeks they will participate in different team building activities so a good work environment, group cohesion and coordination is developed between them. During this time they will also receive different talks about different topics that can be really useful and applied during the summer camps, these topics include: event management, non-formal education, emotional management and communication with kids and  video editing and social media.

We hope you are just as happy with this news as we are, and will continue to follow our work during this period.