If you want to have an active and boredom-free summer, but you are not quite sure how then you are in luck! We are here to help!

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YOU can be our newest team member; YOU can be our new volunteer!

If you are interested in organizing camps and youth activities, then THIS is where YOU should be!

Application deadline: May 25, 2022

Project period: July 10, 2022 – September 6, 2022

Number of volunteers: 12

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What? Well, imagine a place where people use to play football in the past, but in the past 30 years no one used it, for nothing. We remember, when we were small kids, some mobile entertained park arrived there and they spent a few days with their carousel and roller coaster, but of course it was always super expensive, but we were happy if we had the chance to even see this huge machine. Of course, after these few days this place became empty, the grass grown big, and no one went there anymore.

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