Monday, Our first day of the amazing adventure camp, started by getting the kids to know each other. After that, we divided them into two groups. One group started with the games (Team 1), which was a baseball-like game while the other group did a whole workshop on how to read a map and how to make an improvised compass (Team 2). After that, we switched groups (Team 1 did the map reading and Team 2 the baseball game). We did that every other day of the camp, so that all of us could have fun in smaller groups that are more manageable, playing and making the amazing workshops.

On Tuesday, after the energizers, we played a few rounds of Police VS Thieves and Capture the Flag. After the break, we prepared some origami: birds, frogs, planes, handfans… and a theater improvisation game in group of 4 of 5 with different situations such as meeting a bear in the forest!

On Wednesday we played a very exciting game called Gymkhana. This game had eight stations, where the kids in groups had to complete several tasks, like bowling cans, passing a balloon without using their hands, or building a card castle. And while that was happening we started making little markers/flags for our big game of the next day.

Thursday was so exiting, we started the day with energizer activities and a super obstacle race where the kids had to use their agility to finish first.
After that we did a treasure hunt, in which teams of different color were looking for their little flags that were hidden through the whole school. We finished the day with some more relaxing games and a paint craft inspired from pointillism,done with cotton buds.

It’s been a super fun camp, but we still had one final day to spend together, so we prepared a surprise: after playing under the sun we wanted to refresh ourselves so we made a Water fight with water balloons, water guns, buckets and everything to refresh ourselves, after that we made a special craft, a kite to fly through the sky or to decorate and hang in our rooms!!

Its been a super fun camp with lots of different experiences to remember and even thought it is ending, we are going to have a super cool shirts with lots of things written by all of us so that we all can remember this great camp