Group bonding weekend: Csehétfalva, 25th-27th!

We departed from Cristuru Secuiesc on Friday the 25th of September at 10am. We were all very excited to set off for Csehétfalva. We split into various cars and went off on our way for a 25 minute journey to our new home for the weekend!
Once we arrived we were showed to our lovely cabins, the rooms were very comfortable and cabins were made of wood which gave a nice homely feel.
We then met with Attila and other members of ATA and each of us volunteers all sat around in a group to chat about the main goals and aims of ATA and how the organisation started. We were very lucky it was such a lovely day. We were then shown around the local area and church. The minister told us that there were less than 100 people living in the village compared to a previous 450+!
The next day the weather stayed clear in the morning so we were brought up to the local forest. We all did an exercise including the local volunteers of Cristuru Secuiesc whereby we measured our privilege, this gave us all an insight into just how lucky each of us are. The forest was beautiful and was perfect timing as that evening it started raining.
The next day we all visited the local church with the local minister. He explained the history surrounding the area and the church, it was very interesting. That evening we played more games and had an early night as we had an early start to return to Cristuru Secuiesc the next morning!

Overall a very enjoyable weekend where we each got to bond and enjoy each there company