Discover Your Strength as an Unarmoured Warrior

Have you ever felt hesitant to show your true self, fearing rejection or judgment from others? Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take in your journey of self-discovery?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then this training is for you.

We are inviting you to a wonderful small town in Italy rich in history, art, culture and nature. Leonardo da Vinci’s hometown waits for you with a fantastic journey during which the focus will be on self-discovery, self-awareness and the power of vulnerability that allows each participant to unlock their true potential and embark on their own path following their times, needs and will.


Who can participate in the training?

  • Motivated youth workers/educators who have turned 18
  • Those who speaks English at a good communication level
  • Those who are blessed with good communication skills
  • Those interested in self-reliance, mental health, and well-being, able to be honest and open with themselves and the group, and to open up their emotions through art and creativity without judgment
  • Those available between 1-9th of July, 2024
  • Those who is not afraid of being active in a multinational community
  • Those willing to share what they have learned and achieved during the training after the activities


Participation in the training is free, with travel, accommodation, and meals provided by the Erasmus+ program.

Before submitting your application, please carefully read the English information package available HERE to be fully informed.

You can apply on SALTO by clicking HERE until May 24, 2024!