Alper, one of our turkish volunteer

I am Alper from Turkey, I am studying Civil Air Transport Management at Anadolu University and I continue my school from a distance.

I have been interested in the technology software field for about 4 years. I realized that subjects such as communication-technology-entrepreneurship-social media were gathered under one roof and I turned to these subjects. In this process, I had to continue working in the service sector to avoid financial difficulties.

For my personal development, I receive training from many different sources on human resources, entrepreneurship, digital transformation and big data, e-commerce. I also devote a lot of time to the field of civil society.

Apart from my work and education life, I am a member of “Ahbap Association”, one of the non-governmental organizations, and I participate in voluntary activities from time to time. The stage of participating in this volunteering project was very important to me.

Actually, I had an account on the Europan Youth Portal for over a year, but I was observing the right project.
I have searched many types of European projects and their sources on websites, telegram and social media. Thanks to the telegram channels where the Turks follow the projects, I became aware of this project. Afterwards, my meetings with Reka were positive and I was accepted to the project.

My goal during my time here is to learn and teach new things. Especially our children, whose minds are extremely clean, are always open and hungry for information. Because their minds are not tired like adults. If we can provide them with the right information and experience before it’s too late, they will start life one step ahead and look to the future with hope.

I came with many hopes and good feelings in my bag and I am here. Every successful step I take here will leave a beautiful mark in the future of children, young people and people, and of course it will leave a mark on me. I believe that I will add value to all the people around me in a few months.