Gender 4 Youth – our team in Portugal

From 18th to 24th June 2023, five young people from Transylvania had the opportunity to participate in the Gender 4 Youth Erasmus+ program, hosted by the Portuguese city of Águeda. Alongside the Portuguese hosts, teams from Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, and Sweden also took part in the project. The week-long activity centered around gender equality and gender roles, aiming to provide young individuals with a comprehensive understanding of gender identity and its expression.

On the first day, the organisers used a variety of activities to help the teams of different nationalities get to know each other. By the end of the team-building, the participants were in
a more relaxed mood, talking to each other and organising evening activities together. The fact that everyone was staying in the same hostel also helped the atmosphere, so they could meet
up whenever they wanted and sit on the terrace and chat. The next day, the intercultural night, the teams presented their customs and traditions to each other and everyone prepared a
traditional dinner. Moldavian dancing and other folk dances were enjoyed by everyone. The main organizers had organized a bingo game with the aim of gathering as much information
and interesting facts about each other and the different nations involved.
Each team selected a theme and presented it in a workshop format. The Transylvanian team focused on exploring the role of gender in relationships. They prepared engaging quizzes
and facilitated interactive discussions. Through interactions with teams from other nations, they gained a deeper understanding of gender equality and the impact of gender roles in various
domains such as the workplace, media, and politics. Each workshop approached these topics in a unique manner. In the latter half of the week, participants collaborated in international
groups to create comic strips addressing these issues, which proved to be an enjoyable experience. The process of making comics not only fostered better acquaintance among the
participants but also facilitated the sharing of intriguing facts and ideas.
On the final day, following the wrap-up, everyone had the opportunity to reflect on the skills they had acquired throughout the week. Prior to departing, participants exchanged their
Instagram and Facebook contact details to stay connected in case they happened to visit each other’s countries in the future.
In conclusion, the Gender 4 Youth project provided a valuable opportunity for all participants to learn from one another and foster mutual understanding. The project not only promoted acceptance but also reinforced tolerance among the diverse teams. Moreover, amidst the enriching program activities, the participants did not overlook the beauty of the host city, appreciating its charms alongside their learning journey.