How do I manage my life here in Székelykeresztúr?

First of all, managing life is a very important and very broad topic. But what am I doing in Székelykeresztúr? Where do I work during the week? Or can I tell you how I evaluate my free time in Székelykeresztúr?

If we evaluate the first two weeks I came from Turkey as an adaptation process and a kind of orientation process, I can say that even the first two weeks were very full and fast. Office workers, other household members, and even residents were warm-hearted and helpful. Thanks to this, I easily got through the adaptation process.

Regarding the work-life balance I feel like here at the association everything is kept in order. Everyone has their own work schedule, and that’s why everything goes smoothly. In this way you know about the things that you have to do so you can manage your time well, create lesson plans for the schools and kindergartens that you visit once in a while, and have some spare time for yourself too.

In general, I am mostly responsible for activities that are connected with children and teenagers. I go to the kindergarten three times a week. Each time I spend two hours there. They are very hyped up about the games, so I always have to come up with something original and fun. After spending some time there, I usually come home and rest a little bit. Sometimes I also go to the community center where I work with older children. I am there to support and help them while they socialize and acquire various competencies. It’s great to show and teach them new things!

Regarding my social life in Székelykeresztúr, I feel like if you have fun friends, you can socialize anywhere, even within the house. But fortunately, we don’t spend our free time at home. In fact, we had a lot of free time to plan and travel. In general, we try to take advantage of every public holiday. We even did a tour of southwestern Romania. If we don’t have a long vacation day to discover many cities, we go out for dinner with friends and visit nearby towns. However, living in a multicultural house gives you a lot of experiences. You can improve yourself in many subjects and even learn a little of their languages. In my spare time left over from my friends, I sometimes go out individually and go for a walk. If I’m at home, I’ll read and research something. Sometimes we watch movies together. I talk to my family almost every day.

So, you can manage your time while volunteering, and you can devote time to everything. And the most beautiful thing is that it is very nice to be useful to people while doing these things and to make yourself valuable to society.